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Live monitor of #eqnz and geonet tweets.

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M2.5 quake causing weak shaking near Methven geonet.org.nz/quakes/2021p92…

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Hope everyone is ok after that Sunday afternoon wobble. Don't forget to Drop Cover and Hold
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#eqNZ Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 at 09:22pm centred about 20 km east of Ruatoria at a depth of 40km geonet.org.nz/earthquake/202…

QUAKE: Mag 4.5, Tue, Dec 07 2021, 10:04:48 PM, 10 km east of Tokoroa. Depth: 158 km #eqnz geonet.org.nz/earthquake/202…

Curious. Felt a quake, and it shows on the drums, but no quake detected by geonet and no one tweeting on #eqnz.

How can the NZ gov't have such a hard time launching a successful mandatory online service? mastodon.nzoss.nz/@lightweight/1…
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Grrrrr. #eqnz

Felt that #eqnz Chch.

#EQNZ sleepy shakes. 2.34am #Wellington anyone else? One eye tweeting, so groggy
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