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M3.2 quake causing weak shaking near Pongaroa geonet.org.nz/quakes/2021p36…

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Fortunately there was no tsunami threat from tonight's M6.1 earthquake but it's still a good reminder of the import…
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No thank you very much #eqnz

Very interesting swarm occurring east of Mt Taranaki near Stratford. This M3.3 is the largest quake yet. All eqs ha…
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M3.4 earthquake same location near Stratford a few mins ago now the largest of the sequence. #eqnz #earthquake…
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Small series of earthquakes occurring close to Stratford, New Zealand today. 8 quakes have been recorded so far sin…
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All this will do is lead to the racial divide. When policy is imposed, instead of discussed and agreed, it creates…
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QUAKE: Mag 4.1, Mon, May 10 2021, 08:32:14 AM, 50 km west of Te Anau. Depth: 44 km #eqnz geonet.org.nz/earthquake/202…

Dream about a small #eqnz was there one?

I didn’t feel it 🤔 #eqnz

That was quite a rumble #eqnz


Was that an #eqnz or did the rocket just splash down on land somewhere? Either way, stop interrupting Sunday nap time!

That was a very loud earthquake jolt which I heard approaching. #eqnz

Heart is beating a little faster now 😦 #eqnz

That was a big jolt! #chch #eqnz

and another earth shake tiny, but rocking - ish #EQNZ

#eqnz Mother Nature reminder us it's Mothers Day 😳

Bloody hell. That sounded like a freight train crashing! #eqnz

Felt that #eqnz

more of a nudge #eqnz

Only now checking out why I woke so damn early. #eqnz
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