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Do you want to a say about the tsunami 🌊 hazard map design? Fill out the survey link here: bit.ly/3wIAnbo
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Fortunately there was no tsunami threat from tonight's M6.1 earthquake but it's still a good reminder of the import…
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Imagine if #eqnz were as accurately predictable as cyclones!

Am I feeling an #eqnz or are the names of people that attended, also I was attracted to.

That we didn't put these up all over Christchurch post #EQNZ is a travesty. urbanyvr.com/mass-timber-re…

can’t tell if i’m hearing prince philip’s guns or it’s the kids shifting around upstairs. kind of like the wind or #eqnz game

Google Street View is very confused (and confusing) about Lyttelton. Inching forwards on the road flings you backwa…
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Did the humming path really jam the winter? The self-reliant attempt can't flap the wait. #eqnz
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What is Cosmos and why is it so undervalued ? decrypt.co/resources/cosm… #atom #XRPHolders #XRPCommunity…
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coinbase.com/join/balodi_xb Buy #Cosmos #atomcoin #cryptocurrency #cancelboardexam2021 #Cardano #eqnz #GrandNational…
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There is always that one… no scrub that…. two people who respond on @geonet #eqnz
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2 well felt quakes this evening in the Cook Strait region in New Zealand. Both quakes registering M3.6 and M4.1 wer…
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QUAKE: Mag 4.0, Sat, Apr 10 2021, 10:58:29 PM, 25 km south-west of Wellington. Depth: 20 km #eqnz geonet.org.nz/earthquake/202…

The thing about not bothering to get out of bed when there's an #eqnz, is that I can honestly say that I am shaken,…
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Wellingtonians' responses to these little quakes tonight are so stoic and kind of cute. 'Wind or a quake?' 'A littl…
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Just Rūaumoko having a chuckle #eqnz

Me and the cat felt that little shake in Newlands but honestly just thought it was the wind which is roaring. #eqnz

It would be my strong preference for no more earrthquakes while I have this nice new LP on please. You'll scratch i…
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@FlamingAim Heard it but didn't feel it. It was quite loud. #eqnz

That was a freak #eqnz

Just what we need on a stormy Welly night when at least some of us are trying to get some sleep, #eqnz time 😏

Someone tell Theo that animals are supposed to be able to detect earthquakes, he's just slept through three #eqnz
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When you’re mindlessly scrolling twitter and there is an earthquake you have to tweet about it, right? #eqnz

What is it about on-the-loo-late-at-night and earthquakes? #eqnz

the first one i thought was maybe just the wind, but the second one was definitely obviously not the wind. shaky ea…
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Zesty Boi is sending me reports of #eqnz in Newtown but I'm getting nothing in Central... What's going on?

Rūaumoko speaks louder than Tāwhirimātea... #eqnz
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Little jolt. #eqnz

Short, sharp that one in Wellington - completed by the time the brain recognised it as an #eqnz.

Twitter tells me I missed an #eqnz. Might have been cos I ranting about the fact that wall-to-wall Prince Philip de…
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The quakes can stop now thanks #enough #eqnz

#eqnz very mild in te aro, but certainly the shaking beast.

Felt that one! #eqnz
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Ok - two is enough for the night thanks! #eqnz

hearing earthquakes… before the shaking… always makes them seem worse. 2 in the Cook Strait in 15 minutes. #eqnz

Not loving these #eqnz

I’ve been 2/2 with my game of “earthquake or wind?” tonight #eqnz

#eqnz happens in threes 👀

Jesus Christ Wellington! Settle down would you? Two shakes too many thank you kindly! I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway 😟 #EQNZ

see also #eqnz
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